Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama
Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama

Gulf Coast College

Gulf Coast College meets on fifth Saturdays in the cities of either Mobile, Montgomery, or Dothan with the meeting beginning at 10:00 AM.

The primary purpose of the meetings is to present research papers which are submitted for advancement in grades.

James C. McGee, IX°
Chief Adept

Brian Autrey VII°
Celebrant 2022-2023

For OFFICIAL Information, contact:
James C. McGee, IX°
Chief Adept
307 South Drive
Fairhope, AL 36532

Chief AdeptJames C. McGee, IX°, PC
CelebrantRon Andress, VII°
SuffraganChad Jefcoat, VII°
TreasurerTom Nesbitt, VII°
RecorderAlan Herrington, VII°
1st Ancient Aaron Haycraft, VII°
2nd AncientAllen McGee, VII°
3rd AncientBobby Jordan, VII°
4th AncientRobert Waldron, VIII°
Conductor of NovicesDavid Wyatt, IV°
1st HeraldMark Stillwell, IV°
2nd HeraldRani Christi, IV°
Torch BearerDavid Jordan
Guardian of the CavernsScott Davis
AcolyteRon Parks, IV°
MedalistJoel Bryant, IV°
PrelateTroy Harrison, IV°
LibrarianSid Cooley, VIII°, PC
Director of CeremoniesJames Tate, VIII°