Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama
Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama

Alabama College

Alabama College meets twice a year in January and May generally in Huntsville, Alabama as part of “Masonic Saturdays” along with the York Rite College on 3rd Saturdays.

The primary purpose of the meetings is to present research papers which are submitted for advancement from the First to Second Order Grades.

James C. McGee, IX°
Chief Adept

Gary Lunsford, VII°
Celebrant 2019-2020

For OFFICIAL Information
Recorder: William J. Burfitt, VIII°
144 Dexter Drive
Madison AL 35757

Chief AdeptJames C. McGee, IX°
CelebrantGary Lunsford, VII°
SuffraganTom Nesbit, VII°
TreasurerThomas F. Craig, IX°
RecorderWilliam Burfitt, Jr., VIII°
1st Ancient Paul Lamont, VII°
2nd AncientLee Gibson, VIII°
3rd AncientJared Cassidy, VIII°
4th AncientSid Cooley, Sr., VIII°
Conductor of NovicesJason Crowe, VII°
1st HeraldJames Tate, VIII°
2nd HeraldJohn Meyers, VII°
Torch BearerRick Storey, VII°
Guardian of the CavernsDavid Lakin, VII°
AcolyteWarner Davis, IV°
MedalistTed Loggins, IV°
PrelateR. Kim Harrison, VIII°, PC
LibrarianKen Carpenter, VIII°, PC
Director of CeremoniesR. Kim Harrison, VIII°, PC